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50 từ vựng nghề nghiệp (Free)

Question 1:
Practice guessing the meaning of the word in underline.

Read and choose the Vietnamese word that has the same meaning as the bold English one. Don’t use dictionary.

Adam has 6-year experience in controlling ships, so he is the most suitable for this position.

Question 2:
My last boss can be the reference for my personal information in this application.You can ask him.

Question 3:
So as to take over skilled jobs, applicants are always required to have enough qualifications.

Question 4:
Application is a process in which you are asking for a job from an employee.

Question 5:
If you make the effort to do something, you do it, even though you need extra energy to do it.

Question 6:
The breadwinner in a family is the person in it who earns the money that the family needs for essential things.

Question 7:
If you have some mental disorder problems, you need to see the psychologist.

Question 8:
Up-to-date person is the one who always catch up with latest developments and trends.

Question 9:
A person who studies human history and prehistory through the excavation of sites and the analysis of artifacts and other physical remains is called an archaeologist.

Question 10:
There are lots of requirements that Senates must meetto take part in the parliament.

Question 11:
A large number of highly trained people emigrating to other countries has created the worst brain drain in the history.

Question 12:
After graduation, end-dead jobs are popular to most graduates. They have to do part-time jobs to get more income.

Question 13:
The more out-of-job labors there are, the more crimes we have because they don’t have any money to support their life.

Question 14:
Only when he had worked as an assistant for that company for 3 months, he realized that his job was dull He didn’t have much to do, but sat in one place.

Question 15:
He has been working in the automobile technology for 20 years, so he must be a very skilled staff.

Question 16:
In the 4.0 industrial era, robots are used to replace human workforce. Therefore, workers don’t have much to do anymore.

Question 17:
The money you are paid before you leave a company is called a golden handshake.

Question 18:
Industry comprises of processes of producing goods for sale, especially in factories or special areas.

Question 19:
An animal that naturally preys on others is call a predator.

Question 20:
Disrupt is the synonym of damage or break.

Question 21:
A successful company must evolve from a single to a complex one.

Question 22:
A good job post must be very competitive. Apart from you, there are lots of other candidates.

Question 23:
Adapt is the synonym of change.

Question 24:
Success will come to a person who embraces the opportunity.

Question 25:
A bank manager is a person who has a good managerial competency.

Question 26:
Transformation is a complete change in appearance or character of something or someone.

Question 27:
Income is money that an individual or business receives on a regular basis. It is gained by working or making investments.

Question 28:
The internet booming is considered as a catalyst for the digital technology development

Question 29:
Production based on assembly lines operated by human became obsolete when robots were invented.

Question 30:
In the digital era, staff who don’t adapt to the changes lag behind.

Question 31:
Human social development has been understood clearly through historical artifact studies in archaeology.

Question 32:
Reconstitute is a verb that is in the closest meaning to restore.

Question 33:
His lectures are always succinct. They are easy to understand.

Question 34:
There are some certain peculiarities of teaching occupation such as patience and elaboration.

Question 35:
Fame that originally untalented youtubers get is largely ephemeral.

Question 36:
The recent records prove that our company is developing well.

Question 37:
Getting a job in state agencies is equally stable from parents’ standpoint, so they always try to advise their children to work in those agencies.

Question 38:
Reduce is in the closest meaning to decrease.

Question 39:
Vanish is in the closest meaning to disappear.

Question 40:
Peat bog is in the closest meaning to marsh where contain mud and peat.

Question 41:
Urban is in the closest meaning to city.

Question 42:
The weather is harsh all the year, no rain but only heat, wind and sand. Nothing can survive.

Question 43:
Discovery is in the closest meaning to findings.

Question 44:
He’s really talented at composing music. His musical compositions attract young people all the time.

Question 45:
When someone reaches to the age that he stops working and takes rest for all his lifetime left, he is in the retirement age.

Question 46:
A reward is a present given to someone to honor his contributions to an organization.

Question 47:
When someone is sacked from a company, he is forced to stop working because of his incapability or mistake to the job

Question 48:
Bride is an illeagal money given to someone with purposes of lobbying for the job.

Question 49:
Appoint is a verb to choose somebody for a job or position of responsibility.

Question 50:
Negotiation is a formal discussion between people who are trying to reach an agreement such as salary negotiation.

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